Day 1 - League of Legends | share a link event!

Thanks for Clicking the link!. and now, let me explain-
League of legends PH has launched their LoLPH-ShareAlink event, and uh. i want to join and win this contest
so . i've had an idea,.. make a fancy simple website to attract Internet users and give them the assurance that
what they're about to click is not a "tricky virus" or anything like pranks... so guys. i need your supports up!
please click the link said below. ( read the full article if you want to know more. and if you are interested in LoL)

Thanks again!

So.. What is the goal and Prize of this Share-A-Link Event?

Emm.. The goal is obvious. to reach more gamers, populate LoL PH. gain money? haha lol. well, thats simple to figure out :)) "But What about the Prize for winning this Event??. uhh ok. check this out. see the image below.



so, if you liked it. please click my personal link! if your interested on the game. click my personal link and it should direct you to the Main site.(you'll see a Register now!) on the bottom part of the page. :)) Thank you again!!!

See the click here "LINK" on the bottom part of this page!..
thanks again! i hope we could play this game sometime :D.


if you dont trust that "Click here" :|... simply click the DIRECT LINK BELOW.

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